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Kenren,9531.0.html The creators of City of Titans are trying to get the rights for City of Heroes. You should check them out.
If your missing CoH you may want to check this out
I'm not sure if anyone uses this site anymore but Beetus and i are going to be playing The Old Republic again for a wile and we would like to get a full team together.
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Welcome to The Razor's Edge!

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Core Values

The Razors Edge is dedicated to having and creating the best players in the game!

We do this through our Core Values.

#1 - Have FunThis is not a job, you're not getting paid, relax and have fun. We are committed to our members and are here to ensure that they HAVE FUN every time they log in and can explore as much game content as one can handle!

#2 – Leadership – We want leaders and we want people that demonstrate leadership in their everyday play. Leaders will build a team, fill a team, and run the team. They are knowledgeable in team building and are willing to teach others how to be a leader. We are second to NO ONE!

#3 – Comradery/Helping others We are here because we like the people we play with on a daily basis. We are willing to go the extra mile to help a fellow SG mate out. We are a large family who treats each other with respect and dignity. Willing to share the wealth of in game prizes( Enhancements, money) and more importantly knowledge.

#4 – SG First We will always put our SG first. We will have that attitude in our team building, trading, crafting, and selling. The SG provides a lot of commodities with bases, websites, and Vent. The SG puts its members first, and we will ask them to put the SG first.

#5 – TeachingWe strive to have the best players in the game. Experience has a trickle down effect throughout the organization. Always developing each other in to better player and SG members. Every mission, Every player, Every time!
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